Bryanfern appears on none of the City of Johannesburg’s maps, making it an invisible suburb. This is because the name “Bryanfern” is an amalgamation of Bryanston and Ferndale. The Bryanfern Residents Association (BFRA) covers parts of these two suburbs.

Residents started the BFRA over twenty years ago as a volunteer community organisation focused on protecting the wonderful green belt that runs through the suburb. Since its inception, the association and its members have added numerous other projects to their list, all aimed at building the community and making Bryanfern a safer and more pleasant suburb to live in.

What does the Residents Association do for you?

Special projects, activities, initiatives and more…


Join the RA to make your suburb your home. Get to know your neighbours and help make Bryanfern a better, safer place to stay for you and your family.


The RA is always looking for ways to improve the suburb. Currently, key projects include improving security, addressing problem properties and keeping the greenbelt clean.

Activities & Initiatives

The RA organises community get-togethers such as spruit walks, community days and a Spring Day braai. It also helps bring new technologies into the area, such as fibre and WhatsApp street groups.

Look & Log

As active citizens who live, work and play in Joburg, we need to get involved and look & log issues. Learn how to hold the city administration accountable for service delivery.

About Us

The BFRA has been in existence for over 20 years. To learn more about the organisation and the volunteers who run it, as well as about the suburb and its history, feel free to click below.


The Bryanfern Residents Association values transparent communication. Click through to see our newsletters, announcements, AGM slideshows, company documents and more.

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