Membership of the Bryanfern Residents Association is open to all area residents, including owners, tenants and businesses. 

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Verified BFRA members are entitled to vote at the AGM. Issues decided by members’ vote include the committee’s composition and its members, as well as larger area initiatives with financial implications.
  • Through their contributions, BFRA members help pay for the maintenance and security of public spaces. This includes hiring contractors for clean-ups and mending of fences along the green belt, and paying for the association’s communications and accounting platforms. Committee members donate their time and are not remunerated for their work.
  • Members’ subs are used to make the entire Bryanfern area a safer and more pleasant area to live in. This also has a positive impact on the general attractiveness of the area, and on property values.
  • The RA is investigating possibilities of offering members direct benefits, such as discounts at local business and discounted rates on insurance.

How much does it cost?

Any amount is welcome. The suggested monthly donation per household is:

– Free-standing house: R100pm
– Complex unit: R50pm

Monthly payments are preferred, but annual can be arranged.

Business subscriptions

If you own a business in the area and would like to support the BFRA, please contact us on

The Bryanfern Residents Association (BFRA) is a neighbourhood NGO that was started over 20 years ago to improve our suburb. All committee members are unpaid volunteers who live in the neighbourhood.

The NGO uses contributions from its members to fund things like fixing fences along the greenbelt, tidying up the verges, tracking security issues, liaising with the municipality etc. All of the activities are designed to make our neighbourhood more attractive and safer.

Membership in the BFRA is completely voluntary. Donations are gratefully accepted.

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Residents’ photo gallery

The following photos of the beautiful wildlife in the Ferndale Arboretum were contributed by local resident, Nina Maritz.

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