Street Groups

WhatsApp has turned out to be a useful tool for community building and communication. Find out how to join your street group below.

The BFRA has created WhatsApp street groups that cover the entire area at the street level, as well as a broadcast group used for area notifications and announcements. 

Each street group has a street captain. Together, the captains form a captains’ group. This structure allows communication to happen at the appropriate level, e.g. street groups communicate about lost dogs or water leaks, while the captains’ group communicates about area issues such as area-wide power outages and security messages.

If you are not yet a member of your street group, we encourage you to join. You will find that you are much better informed about what happens in our area, as well as getting the chance to meet your street neighbours virtually and in real life.

To join your WhatsApp street group, please e-mail your name, address and cell phone number to and we will make sure you get added. Alternatively, WhatsApp 072 341 1905.

The suburb is divided into the following street groups:

Group nameStreets includedCaptain(s)
WG Aspen and Acacia2 - 29 Aspen and Acacia CloseAnnette 
WG Bath, Guild and Fir449 - 480 Bath and 97 - 111 GuildCathy 
 419 - 461 Fir AvenueTony 
WG Beech Kays and LimeBeech Kays and LimeJohn 
WG Blackwood1 - 18 BlackwoodMatt 
WG Cork and EtonArea south of OxfordEirini 
WG Poplar and Cork484a - 527 Cork AND 1-18 PoplarKhumbu 
WG Cypress4 - 32 CypressBronweyn
WG Fleet and Vale77 to 97 Fleet Street AND 417 - 454 Vale Louis 
WG Jacaranda1 - 32 JacarandaEirini 
WG Short end of Long417 - 471 Long Avenue, including RoyalEirini 
WG Long end of Long481 - 535 Long Avenue, including NorthMartin L.
WG Rugby429 - 474 Rugby AvenueMartin P. 
WG Spruce and CedarSpruce and CedarRhyder 
WG West414 - 503 West AvenueEirini 

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