Problem Properties

For most people, purchasing property represents their life’s biggest investment. They care a lot about the value of their investment.

Property owners want the value of their investment to be maintained and, if possible, increased.

However, errant owners, unscrupulous landlords and non-compliant building developers who act against bylaws and building regulations adversely affect the suburb and depress property prices.

There is therefore a specific portfolio on the main BFRA committee to deal with problem properties.

Types of issues we face:

Abandoned buildings

Hijacked buildings

Overpopulated houses

Vagrancy and squatting in common bush areas

Unauthorised building developments that contravene bylaws

The value of a property investment cannot be maintained if its surroundings are allowed to deteriorate. Overcrowded properties are one such example. If a property that is zoned as Residential 1 has 15 tenants in a house that should accommodate one single family, then this invariably leads to undue pressure on the infrastructure, e.g. water, sanitation etc. The condition of that property declines and this adversely affects all properties around this house.

The committee keeps a sharp eye out for these type of situations and tries to intervene before they deteriorate.

The committee member tasked with problem properties liaises closely with stakeholders including the JMPD, the building inspector, the health inspector and the ward councillor to ensure that owners of problem properties comply with the law.

Some developers, fortunately in the minority, transgress the law by building more residential units than what the property is zoned for. Others build too close to the boundary. Once they have been discovered they are compelled to halt the construction until they have rectified the fault. Sadly, this can take months if not years, and the neighbours bear the brunt of these transgressions.

As a resident, be alert to what is happening in your immediate neighbourhood. When you see properties decaying, deteriorating or being developed irresponsibly, work with your neighbours and the committee to rectify the situation; the earlier, the better.


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